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What our guests say

If you like the homemade cuisine, the IVERIA is just right for you.

For lunch you get a place even at short notice, but you have definitely pre-order in the evening. The waitress was very friendly and eager to meet all needs and not just at the beginning, but all the time. Really welcoming and attentive.
Starters and main course were a treat. The khinkali with lamb, just a dream. The portions are very good (large), and you should not overestimate yourself! Well spiced, nicely arranged and varied. The restaurant itself is very authentic and well maintained. A visit to the IVERIA is recommended!

And here cooks the chef personally!
It smells of onions and cumin. Irma Bourntoulis stands in the kitchen of her restaurant and placed ground beef on the dough. Later, she is the to form dough pockets that look exactly like their opulent white chef's hat — her trademark.